6" Blue Acrylic Blend Scraper kit

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Our Acrylic Blend Scraper sample kit includes 1 each of our 6" blue Acrylic scrapers and 1 of our scraper cap.

JNT21102-blu  (3/4" scraping tip)

JNT211C10-blue  (1" scraping tip)

JNT211C50-blue  (1/2" scraping tip)

JNT-SC  (rubber cap designed to fit onto the back of our 6" scrapers to create a comfortable handle for scraping.)

General perception for using plastic scrapers is for removing hardened or soft sealant, caulking, stickers, decals, paint, other things needing scraping.

Ultimately the end user makes the choice in which plastic/resin scraper works for their task.

Scraper plastic types included:

Acrylic blend (blue)

Our hardest resin, generally used for removing soft and leathery sealant, stickers/decals

(Not chemically resistant, chips easier, can scratch; do not use on alclad, unpainted surfaces as it can score surfaces)